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Pakistan Cricket Board MD Wasim Khan determined to overhaul domestic cricket structure

PCB managing director Wasim Khan. Image - @theRealPCB/Twitter.
While questions marks have been raised over the quality of Pakistan’s domestic cricket structure, newly appointed Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) managing director Wasim Khan remains determined to overhaul it in the coming months.
The call to improve Pakistan’s domestic cricket structure has been growing in recent times with the several former players including Javed Miandad, Aamir Sohail and Umar Gul voicing their concerns.
“I’m already aware of challenges and domestic cricket overhauling is one of the major tasks,” the PCB MD was quoted as saying by Pakistan Today.
“We are planning about it and within coming two to three months we will have a clear picture.”
The former Leicestershire chief executive wants Pakistan to take a leaf out of arch-rivals India when it comes to overhauling the domestic setup
“When it comes to domestic structure it includes basics like wickets, grounds, and training facilities. When we present the model, we will also introduce an infrastructure for that as well,” he said.
Wasim Khan was formerly CEO of Leicestershire CCC.
Wasim Khan was formerly CEO of Leicestershire CCC.
“In India, they have a strong cricket structure. That is why their cricket is progressing. So, we have to take some similar steps to take Pakistan cricket forward.”
While domestic cricket remains on the menu for the PCB MD, accelerating the return of international cricket to Pakistan is top of the agenda.
“We are bearing a lot of expenses for hosting any team here in UAE. Fans are not coming in large numbers as well. Which is why, it is very important that we should bring international cricket back to Pakistan.”
Appointed as the PCB managing director following an intensive two-phase selection process involving 350 candidates, Wasim Khan officially began his tenure on February 1.

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