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Join our WhatsApp Group

Join our WhatsApp Group

There is already an Telegram group, so why an another group? Well, because everyone doesn't use Telegram. But there are few rules for our WhatsApp group to keep it clean and active, if you interested in joining our group, then please make sure you follow them.


1. No off-topic or adult content. Only Cricket related posts.

2. No spamming, affiliate links, promotions or advertisments.

3. Respect everyone, obey admins. Don't create unnecessary arguments or fights.

4. Don't change group name or group icon without admin's permission.

5. Only English / Urdu is allowed. If u send a msg by mistake in other language, then make sure to provide English / Urdu translation immediately. In case if you don't know English, then please somehow convey it.

* Note: • Breaking any rule will lead to direct kick.

• To post anything against the rules, prior permission should be taken from admins through DM and the message should thus contain "#(AdminName)AdminApproved" tag.
• Inbox admins for any particular queries or for admin specific messages, we might miss reading them if posted in group.

Click HERE to Join our WhatsApp Group


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