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How to check Sim Card information by name and number Online in Pakistan

How to Check sim card details information online PTA in Pakistan.

How to get All sim database / call or sms history in pakistan

 How to Trace mobile number in pakistan

In this Technology Days Other Countries Introduce Mobile Number Information Online Check System.
But Unfortunately Pakistan Is from those countries Who are Mostly Secure and Doesn't Give Permissions to Trace Mobile Numbers and Check Any Mobile Number Database.

Today we Will Tell You That "How Can Check Any Sim Information with Illegal Ways in Pakistan"

PTA (Pakistan Telecommunications Authority) Check Check System is Available But You Can Check Your Own Name Sims or Only There Quantity.

Today I am Going to Tell You about Your Own Number Database Check System.
Now You Can Check Your Call Details, SMS Details or Internet Details that's you have Dial, Send or Used.

You Can Check Call List of only Those where you called from your Number.

This Service are Available on All Sims.

1) Mobilink / Jazz Sim Database Check Online or Jazz Ecare Service
2) Zong Sim Database Check Online/ Zong Ecare Service
3) Telenor Sim History Check Online
4) Ufone Sim History Check Online / Ecare Service
5) Warid Sim Database Check Online

How to Check Mobilink Jazz Sim card Database Online Free ?

Jazz Introduce Ecare Service for Their Users. Now Jazz Users Can Check Their Calls, SMS or Other all Details With Dialed Call Numbers Or Sent SMS Numbers.

If Someone Has Send Any SMS to Anyone from Your Number and Have Deleted from Messages then you Can Check Online SMS Details that he/ she where sent SMS.

Also if Someone Called from your Number you can Check Online Details. Now How Can You Check Online Call or Sms Details.

"How To Check Jazz Ecare Service and Jazz Call or SMS History" ?

  • Write Your Mobile Number and Press Enter / Go.
  • You will Receive Flash SMS on Your Sim Reply this With "1" .
  • Now You Have Successfully logged in.
  • Now Click On Usage and See all Details.
  • You Can Check Online Database of all Sims Same This.
"How to Check Zong Call or SMS History Online" ?

Go to Zong Ecare By Clicking Here.
  • Write Your Mobile Number, Enter Captcha or Click Login.
  • You Will Receive a Sms with Pin Code.
  • Enter This In Zong Ecare.
  • Now You Have Successfully logged in.
  • Click on My Usage or History.
  • Verify Pin Code.
  • See Complete Details.
"Ufone Sim Call Or SMS History Check Online/ Ufone Ecare Service" ?

Go to Ufone Ecare Here
  • Fill Forum and Register. 
  • Now You Can Check Online SMS History or Call History.
  • To Check Online Database of your Telenor Sim Just Follow Few Steps.
  • Go to Telenor Ecare Service by Click Here.
  • Enter Your Mobile Number
  • You will Receive Confirmation Code.
  • Write this in Forum and Click OK.
  • You Can Now See Your SMS or Call Details Here.
"Warid Sim Database/ Call and SMS History Check Online" ?

Go to Warid Website By Clicking Here
  • Now Follow Steps.
  • You can Now See Your Outgoing or Received Call or SMS Details free.
  • Calls or SMS History will be Provided 30 days Old.
Note : All Services are Totally Free and Only Owner of Sim Can Check his / her Call or SMS History.

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