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Secret Behinde CNIC Number

CNIC# looks like 12101-1234567-8.

Each part here contains an information. Most of us dont know about this information. Here, I am revealing the information behind a CNIC card number.

*In First of CNIC Number, (12101) first number (in this case, 1) represent the Province Number, the number of KP is 1 so the CNIC number of Pashtoons will start from 1,

(KP=1, FATA=2, Punjab=3, Sindh=4, Balochistan=5, ICT=6, GB=7 and AJ&K= 8)

The second number (in this case, 2) represents the division number,

*The remaining 3 numbers represents District number,

Tehsil & Union council number.

The numbers in middle is a unique number given to you and called khandaan number.

*The Last Number represents the Gender of the CNIC holder.

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