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SnapChat Announces Bitmoji Deluxe, brings 100,000 Combinations

In the new update of Snapchat, you will see the more Bitmoji to make your Avatar more attractive. SnapChat Announces Bitmoji Deluxe, brings 100,000 Combinations. The new update brings 40 skin tones, 50 hair colors, and 50 hair options, giving you a total of 100,000 combination possibilities.

SnapChat Announces Bitmoji Deluxe, brings 100,000 Combinations

The update also makes Bitmoji more flexible on the backend so Snapchat can add new variation options more frequently. No doubt, this update will make Bitmoji more attractive. To update your Bitmoji, simply go to Settings in the Bitmoji app. Then choose “Change Avatar Style” to get started.
Earlier some reports were claiming that Snapchat is Reportedly Bringing Stories to Web with new ‘Stories Everywhere’ Feature. Stories Everywhere would allow users to share Stories in other applications and especially on the web. However, the feature is still in its early stages. Moreover, former News Corp senior vice president and global head of video Rahul Chopra is the head the project.

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