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See How To Cure Bad Breath And Make Your Mouth Smell Fresh And Remove Bacteria

Halitosis, or commonly called bad breath, is an embarrassing problem and perhaps a sign of various health problems. Bad breath usually indicates a health problem, but it can also be the result of bad lifestyle and poor oral hygiene. Also, if you eat foods with strong odors, only makes the situation worse.

In addition, there are many food particles and bacteria that cause odors in the mouth and when not properly cleaned remain in the mouth. Therefore, they stimulate the growth of bacteria in the mouth and cause bad breath.

There are several other reasons that can cause bad breath, such as smoking, gum disease, sinus infections and dry mouth. In addition, there are several ways to eliminate this irritating condition. One of the most important steps you should consider the company is oral health, including brushing teeth, flossing and scraping tongue.

Also, drinking plenty of water is excellent to keep your mouth odorless. If you are a passionate smoker, stop smoking to eliminate bad breath. Avoid eating foods with strong odors and visiting your dentist regularly.

In order to destroy the bacteria that cause bad breath, you can also use natural remedies. Therefore, we present an incredible natural remedy you can prepare in the comfort of your home.



1 teaspoon of honey
1 cup of hot water
2 lemons
1 teaspoon baking soda
½ teaspoon cinnamon

How to go about it:

First, take a bottle and add the lemon juice, honey and cinnamon in it. Then pour lukewarm water and shake the bottle. Therefore, whenever you feel like to refresh your mouth, shake the bottle and gargle about 1-2 tablespoon of the mixture for 1 minute. Finally, I spit.


Cinnamon mouthwash is ideal for eliminating bad breath and cleansing bacteria from the mouth. This remedy is so beneficial because of the powerful ingredients it contains. Here’s what you need to know about the ingredients:

Cinnamon is rich in cinnamic aldehyde, an essential oil covering bad breath and kills the bacteria that cause odors in the mouth. In addition, it is full of antibacterial properties that reduce oral bacteria and improve oral health.

The honey will enhance the taste of this mouthwash and maximize the benefits because of its antibacterial properties. In addition, it is a source of methylglyoxal, which is the antimicrobial agent that kills bacteria.

Lemon juice removes bacteria from the mouth and because of the acid content prevents bacterial growth. In addition, because of its refreshing scent of citrus, lemon eliminates bad breath.

Sodium bicarbonate or sodium bicarbonate can eliminate and prevent bad breath. Neutralizes acid levels that contribute to bad breath and kill bacteria. In addition, you can remove stains and whiten teeth.

Do you have an tips on How to cure mouth odor, kindly share with us

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