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Qatar World Richest Country Complete Info

Qatar's richest country in the world.

World Richest Country Qataar
Sabir Mughal is a major Islamic country in Asia, its importance is also important, as its location is water in three sides, while Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are in the neighboring countries, on September 3, 1971, independent of British domination. None of this deserted country is confident that it will be on the map of the world as one of the world's richest countries, the State of Qatar consisting of 11571 square kilometers area is only 2144101, the country of sand in the country And the tallies are abundant,

the heat is incredible, even the sea edge is always impossible, but it is impossible It is definitely that before the beach, where the mountains of the sand were built, now their place has become the most beautiful buildings from fabrics and glasses, one century ago, it can be called the poorest country of the world, here every row of urban The revenue is at least one million US dollars, construction of the entire diameter continues at the time of the state's railway start, the rare people are deprived of the European countries. The number of immigrants in the local population is more but the number one The competition is doubled, the highest in India in relation to the foreign community is the number of Indians, more than five million in this world. It is famous that Qatar's laws are against human rights, that is why a few days ago, Qatar's government has announced change in labor laws on global pressure, the country could not change its first country for the first time. There was no 20, or Kafail, the number of workers in the average workers here, a year ago, 500 Indian laborers died due to death, there is no doubt that laborers or workers are treated as poor and animal treated, Qatar All people are settled in the cities, due to the wealthy collective culture culture has come down, each has to be purchased only, half angle The population of Indonesia, Philippines, and Lebanon has not been less than one million, Qatar has played a major role in the Gulf War in 1991, Qatar has armed groups, which have ruled Libya, Syrian rulers. Ultimately, the system of government is absolute, here in 1995, Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani became the ruler of the world, the world's most popular television genre, Jazz Al Jazeera, was started in 1996, but the journalism in Qatar is not free, the constitutional constitution of this country has been 35 years of freedom Afterwards, Qatar is an active member of the Arab League, founder of the Gulf Coordination Council, in some of the Christian settlements in Qatar There are 8.5 percent of the population of the population, the number of people in the highest number of people. The second largest number of people is Sunni and the area is 15.5 percent, Qatar's current population is 40 percent, Hindus 18 percent, Pakistanis 17 percent, Iranians 10 percent .Phippic, Nepalese and Sri Lankan, etc., included in NATO countries in 2011, GDP rates in the lowest and unemployment rate in the world are the lowest in the world, Shaykh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, in June 2011 after his father's death in Qatar. Sheikh Tamim, 33, became the graduate of the Royal Force Academy of the UK, all the security systems of Qatar's first Saudia Now has the responsibility of the United States and Britain, the total number of its personal army is 11800, with army personnel in the 8500, Navy 1800 and Air Force 1500 officers, Qatar is divided into eight zones for administrative affairs, Qatar has mineral resources from Qatar. Due to this, Qatar became the world's richest country since 2012, the rest of the first ten countries in the second half of the year, Luxembarq, and Singapore, Hong Kong, Brunei Darussalam, USA The United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, and Kuwait are the poorest countries in the world, the poorest in Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe, Chad, Moldvo, Haiti, Liberia. Or, are Guatemala, Sri Nam and Angola., The daily is extracting gas by about 200 million cubic meter per day, which will reach upto 440 cubic meters, Qatar has six airports, Qatar's base base The United States is in control of the United States, America supplies supply of military and other equipment to Afghanistan and Iraq from the same air base, apart from Saudi Arabia, the US is monitoring overseas, including Britain and France, Qatar for Defense $ 2.355 million is paying annual, its main universities are Qatar University and Hamad Bin Khalid Khalifa University, here 12 foreigners but Western 12 campuses in countries of educational institutions.
The official language of Qatar is Arabic, but in offices like Pakistan, there is generally a Rajya Sabha language, the French language is also third in speaking, the National Day is celebrated every year on December 18, besides Doha, other important cities of Qatar include Arrian, The latest railway system has been set up by Germany's company in Qatar, Alwar, Am-e-Azam, Khuzali Idid, Khudaud, Ross Lafn Industrial City, Shamal, Dudavius, Albhara and Pathan. This system also combines Qatar and Bahrain, There is also Metro Bus service in Doha, football is his favorite sport, therefore, Qatar has hosted the 2022 World Cup Cup, severe fall Due to this, the construction of 12 air conditioning football ground is rapidly continuing, the latest railway system from the capital Doha to the football ground is $ 8.2 billion under construction, which has been working 20 thousand workers, this great project completed by 2019. The Football World Cup event is estimated to be $ 200 billion, now Pakistan has made LNG gas contracts with Qatar, which is expected to be expected by November, the gas prices are lower in the global market, but Pakistan What is the contract with expensive prices, it does not seem that the gas will start reaching Pakistan till November because of its terminals at any of its locations

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