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Top Richest Countries List In The World

By the way, America or European states are seen as the world's richest countries, but in reality, they are behind Asian countries.

World 1st 15 Richest Countries. Which countries are rich see list
For the list of 2018, the revenue and power generation has been based on determining the world's richest countries and IMF data has been supported.

And in small tanks, small countries have been dominant and they have also left behind countries like America, China and Germany.

Well, it's a list of thirty countries, out of which we mentioned the fifteen countries and the name of a Muslim country will surprise you.
List of Top Richest Countries in the World.

  1. Qatar ($124,930)
  2. Luxembourg ($109,190)
  3. Singapore ($90,530)
  4. Brunei ($76,740)
  5. Ireland ($72,630)
  6. Norway ($70,590)
  7. Kuwait ($69,670)
  8. United Arab Emirates ($68,250)
  9. Switzerland ($61,360)
  10. Hong Kong ($61,020)
  11. San Marino ($60,360)
  12. United States ($59,500)
  13. Saudi Arabia ($55,260)
  14. Netherlands ($53,580)
  15. Iceland ($52,150)

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