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Google Website Traffic Tips and Steps to Take

Here is a sneak peak at just some of the stuff that will escalate your traffic to your site from the Google search engine. There's far too much for just a short article really. So, in this case, I'll just run over the fundamentals for now.

Firstly you are not dealing with a greedy sales person here. Google is extremely strategic when it comes to market share and sustainability. They want as many people to use their search facilities as possible by choice. In other words they want the public to choose Google over every other serach engine. To do this, you have to make everyone's visit a good experience. When someone types in a kwd. phrase like horse saddles, they expect results to be fairly pleasing and on the mark. If they receive results about cars or adsense sites that have little or nothing to do with what they typed in, they may decide to use another search engine.

Why did I go through that long winded example? Because you need to understand that principle to get more ORGANIC traffic to your site!

You see over time, other sites and people vote on sites by (most often) linking back to a good piece of information from their own site, a web 2 site (ie. Weebly.com, Squidoo.com, Hubpages.com or Bookmark sites like Deli.ci.ous, Furl.com, Stumbleupon, Reddit and so on) or something similar.

The higher the respect or trust a site has that provides that back-link, the more affect it has on the receiving page/site. Historically back-links from edu or gov sites have lots of ranking power and when they back-link (same as a vote) to another site they pass on some of their trust. I like to call it grunt! Google can detect this. It acts on this activity and indicates its approval by way of a page rank increase to the receiving site. It's a ranking from 1 out of ten. Only a handful of sites reach a page rank of ten.

You can also go to sites that provide back-links as a service. It's called text-link advertising. This costs you money of course. Although this is quite legal, Google frowns upon its practise when it's used for manipulating Google's (voting) system for the reasons I've just explained.

If you have been found to manipulate their system, they can and most likely will strip your site of any trust gained through that manipulation. Personally, I think it's better to sleep peacefully each night and try and earn back-links the best way I know how and that's through interesting or usable content. That said, I'm not always successful but it's something we all become better at.

All in all, it's a good system the boys at Google have concocted, because it's hard to see it working any other way yet. If we have guidelines for quality, it allows us all to work towards and achieve goals while maintaining healthy competition.

The Nitty-Gritty 

If you have two authority sites, say with a page rank of 7 pointing at your page or site, that will push you up through the pages much further than 100 pages with a page rank of 1 or 0 and even perhaps a pagerank of 2 and 3. My point is that all is not what it seems. It is harder to get from a pagerank of 4 to a page rank 5 than it is to get from a page rank 1 to a page rank of 2. The hurdles become greater. On-page optimization as well as off-page optimization (back-linking) become even more important.

You can see now why Google takes so much more notice if your site has aquired a back-link from a site with a PR6 especially if it's been pointing at your site longer than a year or two. Yes, longevity does count.


If the index page of a site has a PR7 but the page you have received a back-link from is PR0. Do you think you will still receive PR7 grunt (pagerank juice). No you won't! Many text-link advertisng merchants or firms apply this scenario and in a nutshell, you're just being ripped off.


LOL...there is no secret. Just provide original, interesting, subject related and researched material to your visitors. Give them a reason to bookmark or link to your site with everything you do, and they'll be back and bring others with them (in a sense). Provide material which is valuable and closely related to your sites purpose. The term closely related means exactly that.

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