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How To Apply For Google Adsense

How To Apply For Google Adsense

Everyone  know that google AdSense is the best platform to earn some money online by using AdSense anyone can earn money if he/she have some skills like writing articles on any topic making a good website so if you wanna earn some money then i suggest you to use google AdSense if you can drive much traffic on your website or blog if not then google AdSense is not for you but you can choose another platform to earn money online like freelancer or by using your typing skills if you don’t have any skills then first you need to learn then try if you will try without having any skills then you will waist your time but this article is not to tell you about how can you earn  what can you do to earn in this article i will teach you how to apply for google AdSense to get approval.

How To Apply For Google Adsense

What you need to How To Apply For Google Adsense?

you need a GMail account
a blog or website which is ready for AdSense
and your age must be 18+

if you have above things then you can create AdSense account if you don’t have then create and apply for AdSense.

How To Apply For Google AdSense

Go to google.com/AdSense

at top of page you will see sign up option click on it

now you will see a form fill this form with your correct information

you will see following options that you need to fill

1 your website address:
2 your website language
3 account type
4 country
5 payee name

in website address enter your website link which is ready for AdSense

select your website language if your website is in English then select English

select account type individual

payee name is so important  so fill it carefully

write your name which is written on your id card

Select your country written your city name city pin code select state name and enter your correct address which is writed on your id card don’t use fake address otherwise you will face many problems like pin verification.

How To Apply For Google Adsense 2018

Now wait for AdSense mail after checking your website  you will receive  mail from AdSense in 24 hours in this mail they will tell you about activation or rejection if you will get approval then the second and main part came second part is hard in this step you need to place google AdSense code on your website you will get your AdSense unit code by going to google.com/AdSense home page where your will see

Your account is getting reviewed. Help us finish the review by setting up ads on your site.

click on get code button a pop up will appear with text area copy your ad unit code and place in in your website header now wait for 2 or 3 days you will see blank ads don’t do any thing just wait if your website is comply with AdSense policies then your ads will be start showing and you will get approval mail now your account is approved.

But this is not last step of verification now you have to verify your payee address this step will come after earning 10$ google AdSense will send you a latter in this latter you will get your pin at AdSense home page you will see an alert  to verify your address click on this alert now you will reached on pin verify page you will see an input enter your pin that you receive by post and click verify now your account is fully approved. Hope You will earn Great in this How To Apply For Google Adsense.

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