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Facebook is Testing WhatsApp Shortcut Button on Android

Facebook is Testing WhatsApp Shortcut Button on Android. It seems like Facebook is more active to make its app more responsive and interesting. The company appears to be testing the new WhatsApp button with some selected users.

Facebook is Testing WhatsApp Shortcut Button on Android

This button will help Facebook and WhatsApp users to quickly shift from the app. The company is testing this new WhatsApp shortcut button on Facebook feed, as seen by select Facebook for Android app users. Tapping on the WhatsApp shortcut button, which appears prominently in the menu area, opens the WhatsApp app.
It’s not clear what happens when a user who doesn’t have an account with WhatsApp taps on WhatsApp shortcut button. But we will update you when we will get more information about it. As Facebook has also not said anything regarding this feature.
Recently, some reports were claiming that Facebook is testing a New Standalone Group Video Chat App, Bonfire. This app will allows up to eight friends to engage in conversation. Moreover, they can also use special effects, similar to those you’d find in apps like Instagram and Snapchat.

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