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Welcome to Westlandstorage story

I will introduce new information about Westland storageopportunity and new ICO which is coming.
At the start You register for free on the link under this text.
Westland storage main page.jpg

After You have registered You will see dashboard and lots of data on it. You can take a look around to get familiar and to explore what it offers.
Here are steps You should take after registration to get as much as possible of WLS tokens and to earn as much is possible.
  1. Fill up personal data on “My profile” tab. This tab is on Your left side on the screen
    1. Filling up these data You will earn free WLS which You can transfer into real money(explained later in further post on this blog)

  2. Fill up data for Your wallet so You can receive Your earnings. You need to enter Your wallet address as is shown on the picture below. If You do not enter this information You will receive warning when You try to make withdrawal.Wallet

  3. open “Bounty” tab on the left side and fill up as much is possible steps so You can earn free WLS which can be transfered into real money. Under this text You can see which steps You have fulfilled and how much of WLS You have earned. It is very smart to use as much is possible free WLS tokens because they are FREE.WLS token

  4. Open “Make a deposit” tab and invest BTC or ETH or some other crypto currency. This amount which You invest(min 10$) will be used to calculate Your profit by 1% daily. Pay attention that there is condition to withdraw Your profit. For BTC minimum is 0.001BTC. Make a deposit
After registration is complete there is several steps to take and to earn WLS tokens from Westland storage. These tokens will get You 0.1% of income every day. For more details about tokens please read on this link – WLS
Tokens are earned through few steps: complete Your profile, share on facebook, share on twitter, make a video, install mobile app etc… Each of these steps bring You some of the WLS. There should be no problems with these steps because they are very user friendly and easy to complete. If You have any questions or need help You can contact me over this blog.
Here is example of WLS token page. You can take some of the choices and they are free to accomplish and some of them I have already finished. Each of these choices bring some amount of the WLS and it is up to You which one You want to get done.
WLS token
Each day You get 0.1% of income on WLS and this progress is shown on the page and as example You can see it on the picture under this text.
WLS earning.jpg

After You make investment You will earn every day a 1% of income. You can invest through several cryptocurrencies and they are shown as on the picture.
After investment has been done You will see Your status on the dashboard and time when next income will be on Your account.
Here are steps You need to take to get 1% daily on Your investement.
  1. You need to have crypto wallet where You have Your money(Coinbase or similar)

  2. After You have registered go to tab “Make a deposit”

  3. You will be asked how much You would like to invest and which cryptocurreny
    1. How much to invest – pay attention to the table at the end of this post
    2. Minimum investment – WLS asks to invest at least 10$
      1. If You are not sure how this works for sure You can start with small amount to verify what I have written here and after that You can increase Your investment to get more daily with 1% of earning.

  4. Choose “Proceed to payment” and You will see new page with “transcation status”investing_process

  5. After this process is finished on tab “My finances” You will see
    1. how much active funds You have
    2. how much You have earned until now
    3. when You will get new 1% earning and how much
    4. how much You can withdraw at this momentfinance status

Table of income

In this table I have put some of the values You can compare when You decide how much You would like to invest. I have used fixed BTC value of 7557,27$ for calculation.
As You can see if You invest 100$ You earn daily 1$. If You would like to withdraw Your earnings You need to wait until You earn 8 x 1$ which is more then 0.001BTC(minimum amount for withdrawal for BTC).
If You invest 800$ You can withdraw each day Your profit. Anything that is in green area You will be able to withdraw each day.
So, this is on You and choose which amount suits You.
table of income


  1. Check have You saved Your BTC wallet info for withdrawalwallet info

  2. Click on the WLS dashboard on the icon for withdrawal1.step withdraw.jpg

  3. After that You will be automatically transfered to page where You need to enter amount for withdrawal. Pay attention that there is minimum amount for withdrawal for each cryptocurrency.2.step withdraw

  4. After You enter Your amount for withdrawal then You can see that Your process is waiting for clearance and in few minutes amount will be in Your wallet.

  5. Here You can see in Your dashboard that withdrawal is waitingWLS withdrawal

  6. Also You can check pending status if Your wallet is on coinbaseBTC withdrawal


Additional to Your investment and WLS token You can earn if You have Your partner. You will get 10% if You have partner who has invested. So if You are interested into something like this You can offer this to someone who You think is interested in this.
-Here is example with information about Your partners You have invited and how much have they invested for getting 1% daily.


Mobile APP

Additional opportunity WLS offers for all partners is to have mobile app on smartphones for easier access and for easier sharing WLS news and communicating with all Your partners.
Do few steps to earn 20 WLS for mobile app bounty and to earn 10WLS for mobile share bounty.WLS mobile app
Mobile app is available on on android and on Iphone smarhphones which covers most of today IOS on mobile devices.
On WLS mobile page You can find more details and links for mobile app for Your smartphone.

WLS mobile app share.jpg

I hope these instructions will be helpfull for You when You make first withdrawal.
If You are interested in investing and earning like I do please register on this link and make investment so money can work for You.
After You have registered You can invest some of the cryptocurrency and every day receive 1% of income on Your investment.

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