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Q: How many teams can I submit?
A: One team per competition for each account. However you can enter as many competitions as you would like or are actively running at the time.

Q: Do I need to re-register for each competition run?
A: No. When you log into your account it will show you a list of remaining competitions, there is a link to 'Click here to create your Dream Team' - Simply click on the link and you can add a team.

Q: How do I Edit my Team?
A: You cannot edit team for the whole tournament/series.

Q: How many Points will be deducted for Team Editing?
A: As advised above editing team is not allowed however incase any player rule out from the tournament / series and officially announce any replacement, the player will be added in your team without deduction points.

Q: How do I score points?
A: To see how your players score points for you check out the Points Summary page.

Q: I don't know anything about cricket, can I still play?
A: Yes of course you can, remember it's just a game, if your enjoying it that's all that matters!

Q: I'm under 18, can I still enter?
A: Yes, the game is open to all. The forums are monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a weeks for unacceptable behavior and contents to make the game suitable for all.

Q: When will scores be updated?
A: Player points and standings will be updated at runtime and if there is some problem or error than Player points and standings will be updated as soon as possible after a match has concluded, in Test Matches points will be updated after each complete innings.

Q: Can I view other users teams in the competition?
A: YES, at the end of series other users teams updated and everyone can view.

Q: Your question not answered?
A: Please take the time to read the information pages and the FAQ pages before contacting us as the chances are very high that your question has already been answered in one of these pages already. If you still need assistance please use one of the following methods.
1) Using the feedback form
2) E-mail us frontiervinespak@gmail.com

Q: I have a query regarding the scores. Who do I contact?
A: Please view all the relevant sections of the site before querying the scores of your players such as the Points Summary page and the match update page. If you do still have a query then please email.
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