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How To Play ?

Welcome to Friends Dream Team Cricket game! This is your chance to lead your very own World XI to glory and a place on our Top Teams Board.

Before you dive right in we suggest you have a read to familiarize yourselves with the game workings.

If your still having trouble understanding the way the game works or just have a question you need answering then feel free to check the FAQ page.

The Aim of the Game 

Dream Team gives you the chance to put your management skills to the test. The aim of the game is to assemble and manage a team of cricketers from the international game and score as many points as possible. Cricketers score points based on their actual performances and the manager with the most points at the end of the Series will be declared the winner.

Adding a Team 

Each user is restricted to one team per competition for each account. However you can enter as many different competitions as you would like or are actively running at the time.

To add a team to the competition your need to study the player list and choose 11 players to make up your team, for the ODI, Twenty20 and Test Matches, the make up of the team will need to consist of:

* 4 Batsmen
* 1 Wicket Keeper
* 3 All-Rounder
* 3 Bowlers

Points Summary

To view the scoring systems for the game please visit the Points Summary page.


Scoring Periods for Friends Dream Team Cricket are dependent on what competition you decided to enter and how much international cricket is being played at the time.

Read Terms of Participation in Dream Team Cricket Game.

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