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Google Meet VS Google Duo: Has Google changed its Plan?

Keeping in view the growing popularity of Google Meet, Google invested a lot of time and money on the platform. No doubt it was evident as every now and then we were getting new features and the platform was getting new subscribers.  We also heard rumors regarding the replacement of Google Duo with Meet, however, it seems that the company has some other plans. Google has not forgotten its old platform, Google Duo. As reported, soon the app will be getting a new update, in the form of a UI redesign.

The upcoming new update will bring a redesigned home screen with the basic goal of making the overall experience easier and more seamless. For this, the company has focused on some of the buttons which make the app more visible. The new design carries a “new call” button at the home screen due to which one can start a new call in just seconds. Other than this, creating groups and reaching contacts is also made easier.

This is done by moving the “create new groups” option under the “New Call” button. Prior to the update, groups creation had its own separate button at the home screen. Whereas the existing groups and contacts can be reached through the search bar or the new button.

Also, with the new update, the home screen looks more organized than before and is more cleaner as the most important features can be accessed through a single button.

Google has rolled out this feature for some of the users as a part of its test program. A Twitter user gave us a glimpse of how it will look like.

This new update that will make the app’s interface easier to use will be rolling out to users in the coming weeks.

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