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Android Connected to Wi-Fi But no Internet: 6 Ways to Fix it

As technology is progressing day by day, new types of hardware and software issues are unraveling. For example, there are instances when your smartphone is connected to the Wifi but your internet isn’t working. There can be a number of reasons underlying both software and hardware issues that may cause this malfunction. This can be really annoying at times especially when you need to do some important work but facing this issue on your Android phone that is connected to Wi-Fi but no internet is available.

However, you don’t need to worry as we have some work cut out for you. We are going to mention a number of ways that will help you in solving your problem of Wi-Fi connected but no internet. Read the below-mentioned guide to know how to fix Android connected to WiFi but no internet issue on your smartphone.

6 Ways to Fix Your Android Connected to Wi-Fi But no Internet!
Starting with

1. Turn off the Wi-Fi & Restart Your Phone:
Sometimes, the most complex problems can be solved by following this simple step. Apart from that, it also the basic principle of tech-related problems and fixes about 50 percent of the issue. Simply, go to the setting and turn off the Wi-Fi access and afterward restart your phone. Now again visit the settings menu and turn the Wi-Fi toggle on and see if your internet is working or not.

2. Forget the Network Connection:
If the aforementioned method didn’t solve your problem then try another simple method that may solve connected to Wi-Fi but no internet accessibility issue. This is a basic method but shows efficacy at times. All users need to is forget their Wi-Fi.

Note: Before following this method, you need to memorize your Wi-Fi password as you will need to enter it again.

Open setting menu and visit networks & connections.
Now click on Wi-Fi and press the Wifi connection you’re connected to for 2 seconds. A slider menu will appear with the option of ‘forget.’

After forgetting, click on the Wi-Fi and enter the password again to connect to the network.
Hopefully, it may have resolved your issue.  If not then move on to the next method.
3. Maybe Your Internet has Limited Connectivity:
Sometimes there is also a chance that you may not have paid your internet bill or there is some fault in your connection or transmission line. In order to check whether your internet is limited or not, you need to visit the dashboard website or application of your ISP. All internet service providers (ISPs)  have a web-based dashboard or an app to connect to your account dashboard. Therefore, you can simply visit your portal to check if the connection is active or not by login into your dashboard.

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