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How To Check Mobile IMEI from PTA

PTA Mobile Phones Check system Online that Mobile is Complaint or Not ?

PTA is blocking all non-registered mobile phones.

As you know that at present, non-standard and stolen mobile phones have become normal, Pta has announced that users using all mobile phones by October 20 will check their mobile phone if they are non-non- Not standard or stolen.

If you use an experiment or a new mobile, you should know if the mobile you're buying is not standard at all! Or its its imei blocks.

Government of Pakistan Telecommunications Company PTA is now blocking and blocking all the mobile phones that are stolen.
Its last date is October 20.

If you want to check your mobile phone somewhere that is not standard, you can check it in the following manner:

First of all you should know the IMEI of your mobile or the mobile you are buying.
1). You can dial this code from your mobile to check the IMEI of the mobile.
* # 06 #
After adding this code, 15 digit codes will come to your mobile screen.
2). You can also see the IMEI number on your mobile box.
3). Turn off your mobile phone. Take the battery and see the 15 digit IMEI number at the bottom of the battery on the battery.

How to check it now that not theft ? 

The PTA has been given this system on its own website and you can check there online.

2). You can check by sending messages on your mobile IMEI number "8484".

If you have a "is Complaint", your mobile is OK.

If no "no complaint" is written, your mobile is not registered.
If the "IMEI Blocked" is written, then understand that your mobile is stolen.

How to fix "Not Complaint".For that you have to use your mobile phone.Use the SIM card in the mobile to use it to register your mobile phone.

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