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3 Best Virtual Prepaid Debit Cards for Online Shopping in Pakistan

3 Best Virtual Prepaid Debit Cards for Online Shopping in Pakistan
The trend of online shopping is not new to Pakistan however, people still do not trust online shopping and avoid it. With the ever-growing trend of e-commerce in Pakistan and especially after Daraz. pk has started its operations in the country the trend of Online shopping has increased but people rely on cash on delivery more rather than paying via Virtual Prepaid Debit Cards.  Many people cannot shop online due to different reasons such as their location.

Virtual Prepaid Debit Cards That Might Be Useful for the Holiday Season

However, it should be mentioned here that almost all online platforms offer some discounts when you purchase an item through  Virtual / Prepaid Debit Cards. So this is peak time, that you shed your fear away and shift to best virtual debit cards for online shopping in Pakistan.

What Are Virtual Prepaid Debit Cards:

If you have a bank account, it’s likely that you carry your debit/credit card with you wherever you go. Even if you have multiple bank accounts, your wallet might be cursing you for it. Not to mention using your card online also carries a risk of your info getting stolen but with virtual prepaid cards, this problem will be solved.
As many people don’t know about Virtual Prepaid Debit cards so it’s better to explain it before we go to the list of banks offering it. These Virtual Debit cards are offered by banks so that they can be accepted globally. On signing up with this service, you have to go through a verification process. One can easily pass the verification process from a smartphone.
Just like normal debit card verification, they will ask you to verify certain documents and will check if you are registered citizen with valid residential address, contact number and a bank account or not. Once the verification process is over, you can use your virtual debit card anywhere. Virtual Debit Card for Online Shopping will solve all your problems.

How Virtual Prepaid Debit Cards are Used:

It is very easy to use the virtual prepaid debit card as one can easily upload your money via the respective method of the bank. The method can be local bank transfer, wire transfer, Credit/Debit card etc. Now, wait for the money being topped in your virtual card. After that, you can use your virtual prepaid card on any website and even for Facebook marketing.

3 Best Virtual Debit Cards

Team Phoneworld has done all necessary research and jotted down 3 Best Virtual Prepaid Debit Cards for Online Shopping in Pakistan, with which you will likely get more discounts. Let’s endeavour into the world of virtual prepaid cards.

1) UBL WIZ Virtual Card:

UBL has made online payments easier than before by launching UBL WIZ Virtual Card a few months back. This card is similar to Easypaisa virtual debit card however Telenor has discontinued it.
How to Get UBL Wiz Virtual Prepaid Card
You need to have a UBL bank account to create a virtual prepaid card. To create a virtual prepaid card you can:
  • Log into UBL Netbanking (you need to register yourself for it)
  • Dial 111-825-888 and request a Wiz Virtual Prepaid Card
After your card is created, you will receive an SMS or an e-mail with the card number, CVV and it’s expiry date.
You will be charged Rs. 300+FED for creating a virtual prepaid card. If you make an international transaction, you will be charged 4% of your transaction in USD or PKR. If you use any other currency, you will not be charged the fee. Reloading the virtual card is free.
In case your payment is declined or rejected, you will be fined:
  • Rs. 5 on a local transaction.
  • Rs. 35 on an international transaction

2) Faysal Bank’s Mobit Virtual Card:

Faysal Bank’s “Mobit Virtual Card” is a digital card that will allow secure e-commerce purchases to meet the upcoming online payment needs even if you do not have any credit or debit card.
Mobit Virtual Card is powered by MasterCard and works as a reloadable and/or a one-time usage stored-value card which can be instantly generated by Faysal Bank customers through Mobit’s Internet Banking and can be used at all local and international online merchants/websites.
How to Get Faisal Bank’s Mobit Virtual, Prepaid Card:
Log on to Mobit internet banking at https://mobit.faysalbank.com to generate your Mobit Virtual Card instantly with a limit of your choice!
Upon card creation, your new Virtual Card’s details including the 16 digit card number, expiration date, and the card verification code will be visible on Internet Banking immediately. That’s all you need to shop online.
To use the Mobit Virtual Card for making online purchases and payments, just select MasterCard as the payment type on the merchant website and simply enter your Virtual Card details.

3) MCB LITE Card:

MCB Bank has demonetized digital payments and made them absolutely free of bank charges so that one can enjoy the benefits of being on the Mobile Payments Grid without worrying of paying a charge every time you make a payment or access your money.
Upon getting MCB Lite, you only pay an annual fee and there are zero bank charges when you make payments and conduct transactions using your Mobile Wallet or VISA card.
One can apply for the Mobile Wallet either through the phone, or face-to-face and the starter pack will be delivered to you shortly thereafter.
How to get MCB Lite, a Virtual Prepaid Card
To get MCB Lite, get registered. In order to get registered, visit any Lite Enabled Branches and fill out the Application Form. As soon as your information is verified and approved, deposit the permissible charges into your Lite wallet and your relationship pack will be delivered to you.
Upon successful registration and even before you receive your relationship pack you will be able to set your Mobile Wallet Login PIN through a link that will be shared with you via SMS on your registered mobile number. This will allow you to get instant access to what is in store for you once your account is active and fully functional.
These are the Lite Enabled Branches.
Now all that is left to do is call the Call Center and set your Transaction / ATM PIN** for your Lite Card through the IVR and you are ready to transact!
A very good card for internet use from MCB. The MCB Lite is a prepaid Visa card, enabled for internet payments for local and international transactions. The card is free to signup and use; meaning there is no loading fee or monthly service fees attached to it. There is an annual fee of PKR 300 on all MCB Lite plans through which is a reasonable amount.
Speaking of plans, every new account/card starts at MCB Lite 0 which has an annual limit of PKR 200,000 (deposit & withdrawal).

Virtual Card Benefits:

Many would be thinking, why to shift to virtual/ Prepaid Debit card. Here are various advantages of Virtual Cards:
1. Create your card instantly
2. No paperwork or long bank queues to get the card
3. Set your own spending limits
4. Protect yourself from online data thefts and scams
5. Spend only as much as you want
6. Free & instant reloads (for Reloadable Virtual cards)
7. No need to carry around a physical plastics
Final Verdict:
The worst disadvantage of the internet is that you are always at risk. Now one of the famous Ride-hailing service in Pakistan, Careem, has suffered from a massive data breach. Cyber attack on Careem Affected 14 Million Customers. The company warned users that their personal data had been compromised in a massive cyber-security breach. Even the credit cards details of many were leaked in this attack.
Virtual debit cards and Virtual Prepaid Cards are becoming a necessity in the online marketplace. The internet has many dangers including scam virtual debit card sites. You have a much lower risk of being a victim of fraud if you use a virtual debit card: it can not be stolen, and to keep the card number and its PIN is impossible as well. The virtual debit card is perfect for those who do not want to provide information about their plastic bank cards. These are the Best Debit Cards to shop online according to us. You can add more in comments below.

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