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Saudi Arabia to Introduce E-Visa for Hajj and Umrah

Saudi Arabia to Introduce E-Visa for Hajj and Umrah

Saudi Government is working on digitizing hajj and Umrah visa process. This is an excellent job done by Saudi Authorities to enable potential hajjis to apply for an online Umrah Visa. Such online registrations are already operational in KSA. The E-Visa process will not only save time of registration but also reduce the processing time. This E-Visa program is expected to be launched by next month. Saudi Arabia to Introduce E-Visa for Hajj and Umrah.

The involvement of technology to Visa process will accelerate the overall process making it more efficient. The system will be functioned with many regulations that the pilgrims will have to follow. It will implement the various regulations concerned with the follow-up of Umrah and Haj companies and their compliance with the specifications for introducing the service.

Saudi Arabia to Introduce E-Visa for Hajj and Umrah

To enjoy this facility visa applicant will apply through his agent. This agent will be contracted by Saudi Hajj Company. The agent will provide all information of his applicant through electronic network. He will pay for all services to the designated Saudi company by bank transfer.

After this process Pakistani companies will issue an E-number on the basis of data provided for each pilgrim with approval of Saudi Companies. Saudi consulate would then issue visas to the relevant applicants based on the E-number. The new E-Visa process will make it easier for Hajj and Umrah pilgrims to get the required visas to enter the country. Previously Saudi Government is making hajj easier for pilgrims by introducing new technologies. This new E-Visa scheme will also cover the visit visa, aqama visa, and business visa.

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