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Here is Everything You Need to Know About the Viral Internet Game Blue Whale

Here is Everything You Need to Know About the Viral Internet Game Blue Whale
Blue Whale Game has created a huge hype on the web these days. It is taking the lives of many teenagers across the globe. This is right time to know more details of this viral game. Here is Everything We Need to Know About the Viral Internet Game Blue Whale.
The “Blue Whale Game/Blue Whale Challenge” is originated from Russia and is currently claiming to be played in various countries. The term “Blue Whale” has link with the phenomenon of “beached whales” which is linked to suicide. The game consists of a series of assigned tasks by the admin of the game for 50-days; with a final challenge to commit suicide.

Here is Everything We Need to Know About the Viral Internet Game Blue Whale

The game get started in Russia back in 2013 and caused the first suicide in 2015. Whereas, a journalist covered this story in 2016 that become a cause of moral panic in the Russian society as it started taking lives of many teenagers.

Who Developed Blue Whale Game?

A former psychology student, Philipp Budeikin, who was expelled from the university, invented Blue Whale Challenge.
Budeikin said that his purpose behind this game is to “clean” the society by pushing to suicide those individuals he deemed as having no value in the society.
Later on Budeikin was arrested and sentenced to a three years imprisonment and his game was hacked by other people. That is why now the game is available with many other names and there are different admins running it; which has made it more difficult to trace and completely stop the game.

Game Structure:

The game is played between a participant/player and the administrator of game. The admin assign a series of duties, one per day, that the player has to complete. This game has 50 days duration while ending it with a suicide of the player. The tasks are given at  4:20 A.M. each day and include following main activities:
  • Climbing a crane
  • Carving a specific phrase on the person’s own hand/arm
  • Doing secret tasks
  • Poking a needle to the arm/leg
  • Standing on a bridge and roof
  • Listening to music
  • Watching videos sent to the challengers by the admin
The reported cases of Blue Whale Game have unfortunately taken the lives of individuals in following countries:
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Bulgaria
  • Chile
  • China
  • Colombia
  • Georgia
  • India
  • Italy
  • Kenya
  • Paraguay
  • Portugal
  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Serbia
  • Spain
  • United States
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela

Some Astonishing Facts about Blue Whale Game:

  • Not everyone can play this game. The admin strictly controls access to this game. It is not publicly available.
  • Once the access is given to the participant, the admins identify its victims and send them the link.
  • The link once opened copies every single data from the participant’s phone.

Reality Behind Blue Whale Game:

Why this game is only targeting teenagers? The answer is very simple. The teenage brain is confusing and complex as well. Some psychologists said that a teen is usually easily attacked by such games or agendas. Dr Seema, an Indian psychologist shares that:
“Many teens come to me complaining about loneliness. They complain their parents are too busy for them and they have no friends. I recently had a 16-year-old come to me complaining he doesn’t want to live because no one likes him. These are the same kids who are searching ‘painless deaths’ on Google. They go to suicide forums. This makes it extremely crucial for the parents to pay attention to their kids.”

Hour of Need:

Faced with such scenarios, it is extremely important to train children to understand online risks, making media literacy extremely important. Children are exposed to violence, cyber bullying, drugs etc. these days. This can influence their behavior and if left unmonitored can lead to depression, self image issues or aggression. So it is the right times to taught them to critically approach any online content in order to avoid from such drastic games.

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