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Find Donors Easily with Blood Bank Pakistan APP

Blood Bank Pakistan app uber and careem

Recently, a lot of online blood bank services have surfaced on the Internet and now, a similar app called Blood Bank Pakistan has popped up on the Google Play Store. This app lets you easily search the donors from across the country. You can either donate the blood or find a blood donor, the app has both the options

The developers of the Blood Bank Pakistan app have designed this app to serve the humanity in the best possible way. According to them, it took them 45 days for creating this app because a lot of people were suggesting them the features that they can add.

The app has four primary features, i.e., Add Donor, Search the Donor, Add Blood Request, and Recieve Blood Requests. Moreover, it also provides users with an option for getting the information regarding the public blood banks in Pakistan.

The small app (just 3.2MB in size) takes a very less space in your smartphone and runs smoothly even on the devices with 512MB RAM. The developers claim that this app contains a proper database of the blood groups that are very difficult to find.

You can easily sign up for the Blood Bank Pakistan app, which is very safe to use and does not irritate you with the bogus donors. The user has to verify himself by entering his mobile number in this app. An SMS will be received to confirm the identity and complete the registration process so that you can start using the app.


Additionally, the app also features the contact numbers of all the major blood banks in Pakistan. In the future, the developers have the plan to launch this app in the Urdu language as well.

This app can be helpful for the people who are living in the rural areas, where it is not easy to find the blood donors. This app will connect the donors to the patients. We can say that it is a great initiative by the Pakistani app developers and we should use the technology and power of the smartphones for the useful purposes like this.

Download Blood Bank Pakistan app from here.

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