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Fake Crytpo-Currency, Ransomware & Malware in One Attack

New “Get Rich Quick” Scheme Leads to Ransomware

A new scam is luring people into downloading ransomware.  The scheme is targeting crypto-wallet users, and could also be spreading through phishing attacks.  The scam is encouraging users to download a new form of crypto-currency that is bound to make them buku bucks.  The fake crypto-currency, SpriteCoin, is just that — fake.  When users click on what they think is the digital currency, they’re actually installing ransomware that begins encrypting their files.

Post encryption, users are told to pay .3 Monero.  Monero is a legitimate digital currency, which is expected to be used more frequently moving forward.  At the time of this ransom note, the ransom demands were approximate $120 USD.  So not only do you not get SpriteCoin, which was certain to get you rich, you instead find yourself infected and losing money.  But it gets worse…

PC Matic never encourages users to pay the ransom demands.  It only encourages the cyber criminals to continue with ransomware infections if their successful with getting users to pay.  It also puts a target on the user’s back for future infections.  But beyond that, paying this particular ransom demand leads to additional issues.  It may indeed get the files unlocked, but according to ZDNet, additional malware is then installed on the device.  This malware includes the capability to enable the webcam, analyze images, and certificate harvesting.  Reason enough not to pay the ransom?  We hope so too.

Stay safe, and watch out for quick “get rich quick” schemes like this.  If it’s too good to be true, it likely is.

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