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How To Find out How many SIMs were issued against your CNIC

It is crucial that you ascertain the active SIM cards issued to your CNIC as soon as feasible if you are unaware of them.

There are two simple ways to accomplish that:

Through Website:
  • Visit the PTA SIM Information Website to find out how many SIM cards have been issued under your name and are now operational.
  • When you click the link, a form asking for your information will appear.
  • In the space provided, type in your CNIC number.
  • Check the box to show that you are not a robot, then click “Submit.”
  • A tabular list of the registered SIMs for that specific CNIC will be displayed to you.
  • The number of SIMs will be categorized according to the operator, and the table will also show you how many SIMs you have registered overall with your CNIC.
Using SMS:

Here is a quick instruction on how to SMS the number of SIMs registered against your CNIC:
  • Activate the text messaging app on your phone.
  • Without using any hyphens, type in your CNIC number.
  • Send this message to 668 after you’re done.
  • You will shortly get a text message reply with a list of all the active SIM cards for each operator issued under your CNIC.
  • Please be aware that each SMS you send to 668 will cost you PKR 2 plus VAT.
PTA Biometric Verification System:

The PTA Biometric Verification System, or BVS for short, is a significant move taken by the PTA to ensure the safety of cellular users and end the unauthorized use of mobile phone connections. Using this approach, you can quickly:
  • Get a second SIM card.
  • activating or purchasing a new SIM card
  • the transfer of ownership of a SIM card that was previously registered under another person’s CNIC
  • Recheck your SIM card.
  • Address the issue of portability of cellphone numbers.

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