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Premier League vs La Liga

 Premier League vs La Liga

The world's two most popular football leagues are Premier League (English) and La Liga (Spanish). But the majority of football fans usually find a discussion over which one is superior and more entertaining? Both leagues provide a lot of entertainment and dramatic moments. La Liga is mainly dominated by the football giants Real Madrid and Barcelona. At the same time, the hold on Premier League is much more versatile with the likes of Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea. However, Manchester United has won The Most Premier League Titles (13). Let’s find out the major areas where the Premier League is better and vice versa.

Superstar Galaxy

2015 Ballon D'or Ceremony
2015 Ballon d'Or Ceremony

No one can deny, La Liga has loads of outstanding superstars. The Spanish League always preserves the viewers through great player rivalries like Ronaldinho Zidane, Benzema Suarez and Messi Ronaldo. Moreover, club football’s biggest game El Clasico is also part of La Liga. The Premier League is not excluded from this condition.  It also has fantastic players and bitter rivalries such as Manchester United vs Liverpool or Arsenal vs Chelsea. But La Liga possesses the Cup of having spectacular players and historic rivalries.

Interesting Competition

Aguerooooooo Moment 2012
Agueroooooooo Moment 2012

Premier League has high competition between the Teams. Every other team plays with phenomenal intensity and aggression while teams in La Liga play calm and quality games. Moreover, Winning the EPL is more difficult due to the presence of the “Big 6”. 

It has been 3 years now since Manchester City clinched the EPL Title by just 1 point on a final day over Liverpool or Anfield slip of Gerrard that fell the dreams apart for Kop. None of us can forget the 11/12 season where City’s Sergio Aguero snatched the victory from the jaws of United in stoppage time. On the other hand, La Liga is a Throne for either Barcelona or Real Madrid and sometimes for Atletico.

Crowd Presence

Premier League Crowd
Premier League Crowd

This is another area where the English Premier League takes the point. Some people have doubts over it because of the crowd presence in Camp Nou, Santiago and Benito Villamarin. But the truth could be that they haven’t experienced the presence of an English Crowd. EPL crowd presence could be noticed in Old Trafford, Anfield and Stamford Bridge where even players find it difficult to listen to the voices of teammates. As per Statista, the average La Liga crowd attendance in 2021/2022 is 35,962 and EPL has 39,472. 

Superior Playing Style

La Liga Contest
La Liga Contest

The playing style of La Liga is absolutely superior to the EPL. Patience of the players, forming a proper build-up and finding perfect spaces through insane passes is what La Liga is all about. Dribbling, passing and ball movement are something special in La Liga. Premier League is more concerned with Goals and Game Intensity whereas Spanish Clubs prefer to be more patient and play top-quality football. Every other game in La Liga is a special art of football.

European Champions

Champions League Final 2018
Champions League Final 2018

English League gives high competition and Spanish League brings elite footballers. But when it comes to European Glory then none of the top 5 leagues come closer to La Liga supremacy. In the last 15 years 9 Champions League and 10 Europa League belong to La Liga Clubs. At the same time, English Premier League has 4 Champions League and 3 Europa League. Real Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla always proved to be dominant and better sides than Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea.

Few Queries regarding English and Spanish clubs are discussed in the following part.

Who is the Most Successful English & Spanish football team?

Manchester United is the most successful English side who has won 66 Titles including 3 Champions League, 1 Europa League and 20 EPL/First Division. Among Spanish teams, Real Madrid is the most successful. They have 95 Titles including 14 Champions League, 2 Europa League and 35 La Liga.

Which is the Biggest Rivalry in EPL and La Liga?

The biggest rivalry in the Premier League is Liverpool vs Manchester United. The Theater of Dreams has an edge in a head-to-head with 81 Wins to Kop’s 70. In La Liga, who doesn’t know about El Clasico? Of course, Real Madrid vs Barcelona is the best ever rivalry in Football. Catalan Kings have an edge with 116 victories to Madrid’s 104.

Final Thought

La Liga and the English Premier League have quite distinct styles, both leagues have a unique offering that the fans find incredibly enjoyable. Many people choose to watch neck-to-neck competitions between the six major teams, while others want to stay with well-known stars. Both leagues are incredible but it all depends on the fans' preference which they favour more.

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