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How to Check Property Ownership in Pakistan Online?

Learn about “How to Check Property Ownership in Pakistan Online?” in the complete Guide.

Go to the website www.punjab-zameen.gov.pk for Punjab province and www.sindhzameen.gov.pk for Sindh province.
Enter the name of the District, tehsil/Taluka, and Area/Deh to verify Property ownership status.
Advantages of Digitized Land Records.
Today’s technology has made our lives easier than ever because of advanced technologies such as high-speed internet, smartphones, and other tech-driven solutions. The authorities of Pakistan are now working seriously to encourage the idea of e-governance in Pakistan to stay in the zone of the ongoing digital revolution. In order to facilitate people, they have made the greatest use of digital resources to launch new electronic portals and smartphone apps. Due to the availability of the internet, finding or receiving information is easier. Pakistan currently provides online platforms for a number of activities, such as university enrollment, Nadra CNIC verification, etc. You don’t need to visit physically to the location now. Information can be obtained online by staying at home.

For several years, the ownership of the land has become difficult to track. No online system was available to check property online or land records. People had manipulated by Patwaris in the old Registrary system. Basically, the old system was sluggish and was the main reason for corruption in property dealing or in land issues. The Pakistani government developed an online web system for land and property information to avoid this corruption and make this ownership verification process easy. However, this procedure is not available in all Pakistani provinces yet.

Do you own land in Pakistan? Would you like to know the property ownership? Don’t worry. Follow our instructions to check ownership of properties in Pakistan. The recent digitalization of the urban land record system in Punjab and Sindh is one of the major developments in this regard. You can search for property ownership online in Pakistan through this newly developed digital system. We will guide you with steps to use e-portal.

Which Provincial Governments have launched an online system to check property ownership?
Punjab and Sindh governments have introduced the online web facility to check property ownership. Both land and property affairs in the Punjab province are managed by Punjab Land Record Authority. It has introduced an online system to maintain land and property records. People who have a property in Punjab can check their property records through Land Record Management Information System (LRIMS).

You can check the ownership of Punjab property from this website. Also, The Sindh Government also introduced and controlled its land records through Land Administration and Record Management Information System (LARIMS). You can also verify land ownership on this website in Sindh.

How to Check Property Ownership in Pakistan Online?
There’s always a lot of people who don’t know “How to Check Property Ownership in Pakistan Online?” with a new digital process. This is the complete guide to help you for checking property ownership in Pakistan Online. If your property is in the province of Sindh or Punjab and you are looking for a procedure to check property ownership online. Then stay on the page, we’re going to tell you how to check ownership of property in Pakistan online in this article. So, let’s get started!

Step-By-Step Guide “How to Check Property Ownership Online in Punjab Province?”
Go to Google and enter the given LRIMS website address in the search bar “https://www.punjab-zameen.gov.pk/”.
How to Check Property Ownership in Pakistan Online?

2. Enter the address, and then you will be on the main page. Click on the Property Registration button now.

Check Property Online

3. The next page will open, here enter the name of your district where you have a property and Tehsil name in the Next box.

How to Check Property Ownership in Pakistan Online?

4. In Next step, you have to choose the one option from “Registration No, Bahi Number (Property Number), or Name”, select the option with you want to search the details like if you want to search property with the name then select a name or if want to search with “Registration No” then select Registration no.

5. The final step is to tap on the search box and the relevant property record will be displayed.

Step-By-Step Guide “How to Check Property Ownership Online in Sindh Province?”
Go to Google and enter the given LARIMS website address in the search bar https://sindhzameen.gos.pk/.
Property Ownership Online in Sindh Province

2. You will see the main page, click on the “Search by Name” box if you want to search property with a name or click on the “Search by CNIC/NIC” box if you want to search with CNIC. We have selected “Search by Name”.

Search by Name

3. In the next step, you have to choose your district where you have property then you will see the next box “Select Taluka” (Tehsin called Taluka in Sindh). Choose the full name of the Tehsil/Taluka and then enter Deh (Area), the land area name. The next step is to enter the CAPTCHA code before you click on the search box.

Search by Name

4. Another step if you want to check with CNIC, Select “Search by CNIC/NIC”, you will see the next page. Enter 14 digit CNIC number and in the next tab enter CAPTCHA code.

Search by Cnic

5. Click the Enter button, your record will be displayed within few seconds.

Benefits of the Digitalization of Land Records
Digitalization has provided Pakistan with many advantages. Here are some main points:

Due to the Digitization of Land Records, the Patwari system has been ended almost and we hope this will be demolishing the patwari system completely. Corruption of the patwari system, bribery, and waiting times will also be finished.
Patwaris were so powerful and very high-handed. Patwaris controlled the records of property ownership, sales, and purchases of your land, and they have been able to modify them. Everything will be stopped with the digital property checking systems.
In the patwari system, the process of obtaining land documents involves multiple days. But with a digital system, it is now a matter of a few minutes.
Checking online records is free of charge.
Also, the transfer of land ownership procedure involves several days in the old system. Digital system made it possible within few minutes.
One of the biggest advantages is that you can check either the property you purchase is registered or not with the seller’s details. This will also reduce the risk of fraud.
The Digital system has a high level of authenticity as Property records are linked with National Database and the NADRA Authority.
Wrap Up:
If you are interested to buy a property, we will suggest you consult a specialist who is an expert in property sell and purchases. The digital transformation of land records facilitates and simplifies people’s lives. This initiative from Pakistan’s government is excellent because it has ended Patwari’s sole authority and their corruption. As you know, currently digital systems for land records are only available in Punjab and Sindh. Baluchistan and the KPK governments should also establish a mechanism to search properties online. We hope after reading the article you will know “How to Check Property Ownership in Pakistan Online”.

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