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National T20 Cup 2020 Winners

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National T20 Cup (2020)

Q&A Winners
Rs.100 Mobile Balance / EasyPaisa / Payeer$

Match 01 NOR vs KPK Abdul Qadeer
Match 21 KPK vs SPNJB Abdul Qadeer
Rs.200 EasyPaisa - (Trx ID)

Rs.100 EasyPaisa - (Trx ID)

* = without payment members
ونرز حضرات سات دن کے اندر واٹس ایپ، ای میل یا کمنٹس کے ذریعے اپنے انعام کے لئے رابطہ کرے
* Prizes will be deliver from 19~21 Oct 2020
* Without payment members can also win Prizes, free gifts / Q&A prizes

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