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Day after being told he is Covid-19 positive, Mohammad Hafeez tests negative

Mohammad Hafeez says his second COVID-19 result has come out negative.

Just a day after being named in the list of Covid-19 positive cricketers, veteran all-rounder Mohammad Hafeez has revealed that he took another test from a different laboratory but the virus was not detected in his system this time.

Hafeez, who according to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), is one of 10 players to have contracted the virus, took to Twitter on Wednesday to contradict his earlier diagnosis.

"After testing positive [for] COVID-19 according to PCB testing report yesterday, as a second opinion and for satisfaction, I personally went to get tested again along with my family and here I along with my all family members are reported negative," he tweeted.

The cricketer even posted his test result online as proof. 

While the result report did mention that a negative test result does not always mean that the virus is missing in the patient's system, it nonetheless has cast enough doubt on the credibility of tests conducted by the PCB.

It is pertinent to mention that after the first round of Covid-19 testing, 10 of 28 national cricketers had tested positive. Only Shoaib Malik is yet to take the test.

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