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PSL Schedule 2020 - Complete PSL Schedule & Fixtures

2020 Pakistan Super League will be the fifth season of the Pakistan Super League, a franchise Twenty20 cricket league. The PSL schedule 2020 consists of 34 T20 matches which will be played between six franchises. The upcoming PSL 5 schedule to take place from February 20 till March 22. The tournament is officially labeled as 'HBL PSL 2020.'

The PSL trophy has been lifted twice by Islamabad United and once by Peshawar Zalmi and Quetta Gladiators.

The sixth team was acquired by Ali Tareen and the Multan consortium after the previous owners, Schon Group, ended their contract with the PSL.

Following the opening ceremony on February 20, the first match of the tournament will be played between Quetta Gladiators and Islamabad United at National Stadium Karachi.

Date Match PSL Team City Time
20th Feb 2020 Opening Ceremony Karachi Day
20th Feb 2020 1st Match QG vs IU Karachi Day
21st Feb 2020 2nd Match KK vs PZ Karachi Day
21st Feb 2020 3rd Match LQ vs MS Lahore Night
22nd Feb 2020 4th Match QG vs PZ Karachi Day
22nd Feb 2020 5th Match IU vs MS Lahore Night
23rd Feb 2020 6th Match KK vs QG Karachi Day
23rd Feb 2020 7th Match LQ vs IU Lahore Night
26th Feb 2020 8th Match MS vs PZ Multan Night
27th Feb 2020 9th Match IU vs QG Rawalpindi Night
28th Feb 2020 10th Match MS vs KK Multan Day
28th Feb 2020 11th Match PZ vs LQ Rawalpindi Night
29th Feb 2020 12th Match MS vs QG Multan Day
29th Feb 2020 13th Match IU vs PZ Rawalpindi Night
1st March 2020 14th Match IU vs KK Rawalpindi Night
2nd March 2020 15th Match PZ vs KK Rawalpindi Night
3rd March 2020 16th Match QG vs LQ Lahore Night
4th March 2020 17th Match IU vs LQ Lahore Night
5th March 2020 18th Match PZ vs QG Rawalpindi Night
6th March 2020 19th Match KK vs MS Lahore Night
7th March 2020 20th Match PZ vs IU Rawalpindi Day
7th March 2020 21st Match LQ vs QG Lahore Night
8th March 2020 22nd Match MS vs IU Rawalpindi Day
8th March 2020 23rd Match LQ vs KK Lahore Night
10th March 2020 24th Match LQ vs PZ Lahore Night
11th March 2020 25th Match QG vs MS Lahore Night
12th March 2020 26th Match KK vs LQ Karachi Night
13th March 2020 27th Match PZ vs MS Karachi Night
14th March 2020 28th Match KK vs IU Karachi Night
15th March 2020 29th Match MS vs LQ Lahore Day
15th March 2020 30th Match QG vs KK Karachi Night
17th March 2020 31st Match Qualifier Karachi Night
18th March 2020 32nd Match Eliminator 1 Lahore Night
20th March 2020 33rd Match Eliminator 2 Lahore Night
22nd March 2020 34th Match Final Lahore Night

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