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Instagram to Introduce Co-Watching Feature on App

Hey, Instagram users soon you will be able to enjoy watching videos with your friends. Facebook-owned photo-messaging app Instagram is working to introduce a new feature that will allow users co-watch on-platform video content with friends. They will also be able to see the reactions of friends on the video through the cameras of the phone.

Get Ready to Enjoy the Instagram Co-Watching Feature on App

According to social media reports, the option would start with a split-screen view. Once it starts, the users will be able to apply face filters. Moreover, they can also apply other visual tools to their personal camera feed.
Reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong tweeted:
“Instagram’s co-watching media picker is essentially tabs of Explore, Saved and Liked. It’s somehow also showing me photos though. Unless Instagram designed co-watching so we can stare at an image together, it will be fixed when released,”
Instagram is also testing a hide option that would help you to hide the like count on photos. With the help of this feature, people will not see how many people have liked the post. The feature was first spotted by Code hunter Jane Wong and has mentioned about this unreleased feature in his post that it would not allow other users to see the like counts.

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