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Huawei Announces Mate X Launch Date After Samsung Galaxy Fold Screen Breakage

The screen of royal Galaxy Fold is breaking just after a few days the device is used. The devices were sent to the reporters for review. As you all know that Galaxy Fold has two touchscreens, a small one which works when folded and a large tablet kind of screen that turns on when the device is opened. So according to users, the larger screen on their Galaxy Fold devices failed. Due to this reason, Samsung had to delay the launch of Galaxy Fold in order to check screen breakage problem. The timing match: just after Samsung postponed the market launch of its Galaxy Fold, its strong competitor Huawei has announcedMate X launch date would be somewhere in mid-July 2019.

Mate X Launch Date is a Shocking News for Samsung

Thank God now we would be able to buy Huawei mate X as it would be much better than Galaxy fold. I am not a fortune teller but the information we have regarding the features make us believe it. When it comes to the display of this phone, both are quite different.
Samsung Galaxy Fold looks like a book with the largest screen inside protected by a smaller outer screen. Galaxy Fold Screens are complementing each other however one screen will be on the other at one time. However, to me, Huawei Mate x screen is better, as its screen can even act as there, depending on how you hold the device.
However, in order to play safe, one should not buy both of these foldable devices. Are you thinking why I am asking you, people, not to buy any of the foldable devices? The Answer is quite realistic. No doubt, Foldable smartphone is something new and is based on the latest technology. Although both the companies are launching finished end products for consumers to buy however for the end users they are not worthy enough. The reason is clear and easy. Both the devices are the first generation of foldable. In actual these devices are the outcome of “a race for the most innovative smartphone brand”.  Surely, in the coming years, foldable smartphones will improve in terms of technology. Until then, according to us Mate 20 pro, S10+, iPhone XS are perfect to spend your money on.
Moreover, Huawei should learn some message from Samsung Galaxy Fold screen breakage and should not try to push the device in order to win the race as it can turn out just like its competitor.

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