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This Colorful Dulha From Karachi Is All Over The Internet With His Elaborate Shaadi Dresses But People Have Mixed Emotions

Time and again, I have raged about how easy men have it. How they can wear the same outfit to ten weddings and no one would even blink an eye but if a woman happened to repeat the same outfit twice, it’s considered a cardinal sin. And because of this, I have often felt that a majority of men rarely ever put much thought into what they are wearing.

Without further ado, let’s reveal this groom from Karachi who has captured the internet’s attention with his EXTRA AF clothes

So honestly, this groom gets an A for enthusiasm. The guy clearly planned his looks and cared about what he was wearing. He didn’t want to repeat the same bland outfits all grooms wear during the mehndi, shaadi , and valima. But instead opted to do something a little out there, but people are completely divided on whether the risk was a good or bad one.
Source: @huzaifarafiq via Twitter.com

Source: @hashamkhalid786 via Twitter.com

This is his elaborate baraat look

Source: @huzaifarafiq via Twitter.com

And finally, the valima look

Source: @huzaifarafiq via Twitter.com
You can just tell that the groom is feeling himself.

Honestly, even the women in the family had stepped up their game by wearing tiaras with their sarees on what appears to be the valima. 

Source: @drjunaidmalam via Twitter.com
The family is none other than the one who owns the famous Javed Nihari in Karachi. The restaurant is famed for its Nihari, people flock to the restaurant to get their hands on the beloved dish. And clearly, the place does good business.

But, a lot of people were not too psyched about his outfits, clearly.

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Son of the owner of Javed nehari, he is a millionaire too. Millionaire honay ka ye matlab nai satrangi bn jaOo 🙄
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There were some people who might not have agreed with his fashion choice but defended his right to wear whatever he wanted.

Javed nihari k owner ki pictures dekh kar mazak uranay walay chutiyon apka baap k paison sy nahi kareeday usnay apni shadi k kpray
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This is so not funny to make fun of anyone.. It's their choice to make or wear whatever they want to.. Stop making fun of son of javed nihari.. They might be going through a stress because of trolls on social media.. So stop sharing and commenting on them.. 😡
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But some actually liked his outfits…
Son of the owner of Javed nehari, he is a millionaire too.
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And some who merely wanted to troll a little.

Hey, you know what, you do you! Wear what makes you feel great, especially on your wedding day.

What do you think about the groom’s outfits? Let us know in the comments below.

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