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These Siblings Married Each Other Because They Were THAT Desperate For An Australian Visa

These actual real-life siblings married each other for an Australian visa.

Source: SBS
And they pretty much actually pulled it off. Almost.
The brother-sister duo from Punjab, India tried to trick the system by registering the ‘bride’ as a cousin of the brother who is an Australian visa holder, instead of his biological sister. Once they were able to convince a court in Punjab of this, they were on their way down under.
Friends, they actually MADE it to Australia and even got the Immigration office to grant her a Spousal visa. I am SORRY, but no matter how close you are to your sibling, WHY would you ever want to be their spouse man, no no.
Source: Tumblr
However then, fortunately, (or unfortunately? not sure how I feel about all of this yet), a cousin of the siblings ratted them out to the Indian authorities since she was sick of them using HER name to forge bank accounts, a passport and other documents needed for the whole process to be carried out.
Inspector, Jai Singh, the Officer in charge of cracking the case, told local Indian publications that six of the sibling’s family members were named in the case including the father, mother, brother and maternal grandmother.

And get this, the marriage registration took place in 2012. Seven whole years.

Source: Shutterstock
Inspector Singh says that the investigation has been opened and though the whereabouts of the brother-sister wannabe Bonnie and Clyde are unknown, they have alerted the relevant authorities and are in pursuit of the ‘couple.’
According to Singh, this kind of ‘fake-marriage’ scam is not uncommon in India however even for him, Singh said that a brother-sister pair was unheard of.

Have you heard of the story? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you. No Visa required.

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