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Skyscraper technique SEO guide: Increase traffic & get 100 Backlinks

Guide of Skyscraper technique SEO to get quality backlink by using Skyscraper link Building technique. Here is the best free backlink methods you can use to get free backlinks.

No doubt SEO Backlinking is now one of the best ranking factors in SEO field. Now the question is how to get backlinks and rank your website. here is the answer use Skyscraper technique SEO and grow your website.

From the last few months I am focusing on backlinks building for my websites as well as for my clients. According to me I have achieve biggest lesson in my SEO field I have learned and experience that if you do not have right system and right technique in Link-building then it can be serious mess.

Skyscraper technique SEO

That’s why I am focusing on Skyscraper Technique for SEO.

If you did not heard about skyscraper technique I am telling you know. Skyscraper techniques are basically simple where you can find easily competing articles of your competitors with alot of posts and links. Now you can create better content and reach out to those web-sites and ask them to share it.
Now I am sharing my experience here from the last 28 days. I create 100+ genuine back-links for my clients websites from just few articles. Now i create list of 11 lectures which I learned from whole process because I have seen lot of people asked many time from others how to get High PR backlinks for websites. Hopefully it will help you to get backlinks for your website.

So let’s start…

1. Outreach like a human:

If you reaching out-to Google Webmasters you do not hit them with hard sell explaining why this website is great compared to others & why your site need link. Offer value & do not be aggressive in your search approach. Do this technique & you will set yourself 90% of outreach e-mails most from webmasters get.

2: Focus on Content Creation:

While using any skyscraper technique SEO campaign your website and your content must be better than to your competitors. If you create highest quality content which satisfies the reader, its not only satisfies your readers also google and other search engines will like your content more and as a result your webpage will rank into the google first page. Its called the best content marketing strategy using skyscraper technique SEO for backlinks.

Focus on Content help & few tips:
• Remove Ads & affiliate marketing links and Pup-up. Use

Always check your content spell & grammar. Its may not perfect but it will helps.
• Add your Custom Images and videos to attract content.
• Properly formatted keep content paragraphs at-least 3 to 4 lines, keep sentences simple and short.
• When you use Skyscraper technique SEO your articles should be 3000 to 5000 words if you want alot of Backlinks.

3. Check your Competition:

Always check competition before starting any skyscraper SEO campaign.
Let’s take an example we start health blog:
Create a helpful content which includes images videos and target your keyword you want to rank, and content must be 2000+ words long. Find links of your competitors and only compete those websites and articles you know you can beat them easily.

4. Manage your Emails:

Another skyscraper link building technique part is E-email Outreach If you are sending 100+ emails per day your inbox will going to stack up quick as you know! & you spend much time to managing it.
Instead of this, I recommend you:
• Check inbox once a day.
• Remove notifications from your phone.
• Keep on Bank of Canned Responses from email setting so you can reply easily.

5. Scale up.

If you want to create alot of Backlinks using skyscraper SEO technique, you need to outreach at top scale & that is the beauty of the skyscraper technique.
From link building campaigns I will contact thousand plus prospect about content & you will create decent percentage Backlinks.
Tools like Lemlist, Hunter, and Mailshake incredibly helpful for this.

6. Be Persistent:

Never spam anyone keep this in your mind if you want to rank your website using skyscraper link building technique. You can offer value in your promotional emails. However, you need to do these regular basics. I will recommend you to set up an automated sequence to follow-up the webmasters 1 or 2 times after initial Email outreach. if you did do not get feedback don’t take it seriously sometimes its happens.

7. Offers an incentive.

You have to think how Google web tool master works and why users spending their time to read your post or content of your website. If your incentive is strong it attracts more links and users.
For example we offer feedback on social media share to say thanks for the creative content.

8. Avoid outreach templates:

If you are using Google E-mail outreach to increase traffic and backlinks by using skyscraper link building technique you would not be stuck for choices choose different templates for your outreach because many others are using the same template & maybe it will spam by google and your mail drop in to spam filters so be careful while choosing template.
But problem occurs most of templates used by many users. In fact you will struggle to avoid spam inbox emails with the use of these templates.
Instead of focusing on writing email outreach campaign are unique and original.

9. Beware of Spamming filter:

Be aware of smaping and spam filters while using our skyscraper link building technique. When you are working on email outreach for backlinking you must be very careful about email spam filters.
The Spam filters are specially designed for picking up certain keywords. So please avoid using keywords like “free”, “bro”, and “offer” and many other keywords that could hurt your Email deliver-ability. if your email keep hitting on spam folder the domain you are using will blocked.

10. Outsource.

Outsources is basic some tasks like finding E-mails or content writing. That is very easy to do with Fiverr and UpWork. It will save your time and you can focus on actual outreach campaigns.

11. Backlink quality.

Do not target the spamy websites which PR is low just because you can generate an spam backlinks which hurt your ranking. Just focus on high quality backlinks with white-hat sites which provide you a proper genuine high PR Backlink.

So when you going to generate backlink check their site profile ranking look at website and then make sure you are not targeting anyone Spam black-hat website.
Thanks I hope that Skyscraper technique seo will help you a lot 🙂

12: Pick right Keyword to Target:

If you want to use skyscraper technique SEO to get maximum traffic you need to select a keyword which you want to target. Like after a lot of research on Ahrefs keyword explore, I decide to target a keywords for my new website “lista iptv.”

As you see in the screenshot as under, Ahrefs Keywords research suggest me relevant keywords with low (KD) keyword difficulty with good traffic potential search volume plus number of Clicks.

how to pick high cpc keyword

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