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Top 10 Ways To Get Quickly 10,000 Views On Your Youtube Channel

Here Are Top 10 Ways To Get Quickly 10,000 Views On Your Youtube Channel :

1.Decide your goal :

The first thing is that you have to decide that why you have created a channel and what kind of video you are going to share on this channel.Think of what stage you have to take your channel don't just think about the Earning.Make a target that Which stage do you want to take for your channel.

2.Complete Your Channel  Information:

After the goal, you have to do is complete your channel.So if anybody opens your channel then they could not live without seeing your video.

Channel Name: Choose the name of your youtube channel according to your niche.
Channel Logo: Set the logo of your channel which should be attractive.
Channel Banner: Make an attractive banner of the channel.
Channel Description: Write details about your channel so that people know about What types of videos will get in your channel.

3.Create an engaging channel trailer:

you must Create an engaging channel trailer for your youtube channel.So that your visitors know what type of videos will be found in this channel.Make a good video trailer for your channel and make sure it should be minimum 15-20 seconds.

4.Create High-Quality Content Videos: 

You have to pay the most attention to your videos at the beginning.because, In the beginning, it is very difficult to get more viewers in your video.That's why create high-quality content videos.It should be attractive if anyone sees that video then they can't stay without seeing it.This will benefit you that your video will soon become viral.

If you make lots of useless videos better than that you have to make 10-12 high-quality content videos.Maybe You must have heard that the first impression is the last impression.So, friends, anybody will come to your channel and if they will not like your videos then they will not come back to your channel then just create good videos

5.Make Attractive Video Title :

The major mistake of every unsuccessful Youtuber is to choose a wrong title of your videos.this is major mistake ever done by YouTubers.If you want to get more views in less time in your video then you have to keep the attractive title of your video.

If your video title will not good, then your video will not be seen by anyone.And you will not be able to reach 10,000 views in less time.

6.Use Proper Tags :

Whenever you upload a video, do not forget to place tags in it because tags play a very important role in our video to get more traffic.When you upload a video, you have to put the related tags of that video so that they can reach to everyone.If you do not put tags in your videos, then your video will not come in the search engine.

7.Use Eye-Catching Thumbnail :

To get more views on your youtube videos use a custom thumbnail.custom thumbnail plays the major role to drive more traffic to your youtube videos.your thumbnail should be attractive, eye-catching and clear.

8.Write Video Description :

You should write the description for what this video contains.So that the viewers can understand what the video is about.A lot of people do not write a description in the video which is wrong You should write the correct description about the video.

9.Promote Your Videos :

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.YouTube is a platform from where you can make money at home by posting videos.To make money from youtube, you have to monetize your YouTube videos with Google Adsense. which will show an add in your YouTube channel.Adsense gives us money by showing ADS on your YouTube channel.some time ago we did not need 10,000 views to add Adsense to YouTube.But now according to youtube's new privacy should have 10,000 views on our YouTube channel of the lifetime After this, you will be able to monetize your videos with Google Adsense ads.You can not add your YouTube channel to Adsense and earn money before 10,000 views.
Top 10 Ways To Get Quickly 10,000 Views On Your Youtube Channel

Here I am going to tell you how to get 10,000 views quickly on your YouTube channel.I will tell you 10 tips, By following this tips you will be able to get quickly 10,000 views on your YouTube channel and start earning money.

Due to lack of 10,000 views on the YouTube channel, A lot of people who want to earn money from YouTube closes uploading a video to their youtube channel.That's why I am going to write this post for those people who want to get quickly 10,000 views on their youtube channel.

By the way, you can gain up to 10,000 views in a single day just your video should be attractive and anyone who sees a video should like it.

To get more views in your video you have to share your video on social media because social media can help you to drive more traffic to your video.The best way to get more traffic in your youtube video is by sharing your videos in social media because there are lots of people are using social media like facebook, twitter by sharing on social media you will definitely get more viewers on your videos.

10.Use the right tools:

There are lots of tools available for youtube which will help you to gain more traffic in your videos.

TubeBuddy is the best tool for youtubers because there are many facilities available in TubeBuddy and it will help you to gain more traffic in your videos.

It was some tips that will help you to 10,000 views in your YouTube channel soon.Now it depends on you whether you use these tips or not, and it depends on you in how many days your video will cross10,000 views.

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