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Did the Facebook Leak Impact You?

Find Out If Your Information Was Harvested from Facebook

Facebook, continues to work toward rebuilding their brand after facing a major security scandal alongside London’s elections consultancy, Cambridge Analytica.  Reports have confirmed personal data was harvested from the social media giant from Cambridge Analytica.  It is believed, the election firm then used the data to show specific information on U.S. presidential candidates prior to the 2016 election.  There are speculations that by segmenting the content shown to different Facebook users based on their personal information, their perceptions of the election candidates were impaired.  Therefore, theoretically this may have made voters vote a different way than had they never been shown the information segmented based on their personal information.  Due to those concerns, some reporting outlets believe the U.S. election results were tampered with.  Whether or not this is true, can be debated.

However, what Facebook users must be concerned with is if their information was involved with this scandal.  The likelihood of you, or someone you know being impacted is quite high, as reports have confirmed 87 million accounts were involved.

To find out, you’ll need to log into your Facebook account.  After doing so, you may go to this website.  Roughly halfway down the page, you’ll see this “Was My Information Shared” box.  An example of the results is shown below.

Within this box, it will disclose whether or not your Facebook information was shared with Cambridge Analytica.  If you’re concerned about your digital privacy, you may review this complete guide to Facebook’s privacy settings.

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