Australian Senator First to Breastfeed While Forwarding Motion

An Australian senator has become the first to forward a motion while breastfeeding

Detected Closed Captioning: An Australian Senator Who Made Headlines for Being The First Woman To Breastfeed Her Daughter In Parliament Is At It again With Another First Last Year Parliament Changed Its Rules Allowing Mothers To Breastfeed In The Chamber And A Senator Larissa Waters Became The First To Do So In May Previously Mothers Had To Leave The chamber To Breastfeed Now Waters Has Become The First To Forward A Motion In Parliament While Breastfeeding The Greens Party Senator Forwarded A Motion On Black Lung Disease June 22nd Waters Later Tweeted Quote First Time I’ve Had to Move A Senate Motion While Breastfeeding And My Partner-in-crime moved Her Own Motion Just Before Mine bless Her When Asked If She Would Do It Again On 3aw Radio Waters Responded Quote Whenever My Baby Is Hungry I’ll feed Her That’s My Job As Her Mom For United News International I Met Paul

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